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House of Sinergy (as a triad) has been educating in the lifestyle since  2012. Our goal is to provide our knowledge and our personal experiences and journeys that has kept us together for 14 years and growing.  We also believe in providing service to our local community both kink and vanilla communities.





A Midnight Angel is a title holder for the Ms. Florida Leather N Fetish Pride 2017, she also is the Hard Pink liaison for the Florida chapter.

A Midnight Angel has over 20 years of experience in the BDSM Lifestyle and has traveled and educated others in the BDSM lifestyle both in the US and Canada and is passionate about educating the community and talking about her journey that has gotten her where she is today.

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Master Hirokata (MHirokata)



MHirokata has over 24 years of experience in the BDSM Lifestyle and has educated in the US  and is a passionate sadist and enjoys hurting his Midnight_Angel in a loving and caring way.  He also enjoys  educating the community in his sadism play with needles and fire.

Master Hirokata is a 43 year old Sado-Dominant whom identifies as a bi-sexual whom has been in the lifestyle since 1999 with his partner & wife Lady Aalyanna who is his better half. In 2002 he collared his submissive A_Midnight_Angel who has continued to serve both Mhirokata and Lady Aalyanna for the past 13 years. Master Hirokata is known primarily in the Tampa Bay area for his fire-play and introducing his knowledge of kinesiology and trigger point therapy into his own form of sadism. A sort of “Making things better with a tea spoon of pain”. Mhirokata also has a fondness for the use of canes, needles, saline infusion, as well as providing a little piss fun. New experiences which he is beginning to explore are big/little relationship, pup play, and race play. Presented at: Fetish Con (2001-2005),(2011-Present),FLAC (2013-2015),WOLF (2013-Present), The LXIX (2014-Present), Florida Power Exchange (2015), Kinky Camp Out (2014-Present) Florida Leather & Fetish Pride (2014-Present) Mr. Code (2014-Present), South East Leather Fest (2016), Spring Fling Leather Fest (2017), DomCon Atlanta (2015), Fall Fantasy Kink Fest (2017) and have run for the FPE 2013 & 2014 title with Lady Aalyanna and A_Midnight_Angel as a Triad.








Lady Aalyanna

Lady Aalyanna has over 18 years of experience in the BDSM Lifestyle. Lady Aalyanna is a sensual sadist and enjoys tormenting her girl A_Midnight_Angel with sharp pointy things, as well as using her special skills in the violent wand. Her niches in educating is in the little department and in service skills, such as Anticipatory service and much more.

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