A Midnight Angel


A Midnight Angel

A Midnight Angel has over 25 years of experience in the BDSM Lifestyle and has traveled and educated others in the BDSM lifestyle both in the US and Canada and is passionate about educating the community and talking about her journey that has gotten her where she is today.

A_Midnight_Angel started her Journey back in 1990/1991.  Gotta love the discovery of the Internet, where she began her journey with a mentor and a lot of reading and research.  Once she was ready, she discovered the hard work it was needed for being a Domme.

After exploring her Dominate side for about three years, she decided to turn her floggers in and her thigh high boots in and go on a search for a Master.

A_Midnight_Angel wanted to know what it was like to be a submissive, so she began to look around and ended up serving as a submissive to a Dom who was Poly and had a total of 9 other slaves of both male and female.  After spending about 6 months training she learned to structure a house, and managed the household for him while he was away.

Approximately after a year  they parted ways, as they both wanted a different life.  A Midnight Angel  formed several other relationships and finally settled down with one where it almost ended tragically.

After spending three years from healing from that relationship, She decided to look one last time, and suddenly found an individual by the name of FLASLAVEOWNER.


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