A_Midnight_Angel Classes

Keeping your submission in check

Discussion Time: 60 minutes- 90 minutes

Have you had trouble keeping your submission and service going?
Does it seem that things may have lost its “Fire” or “spark” or even the “honeymoon phase” You are not alone here, this happens to some of us at some point and you may even feel that it may be time to end the relationship, but before you do come and see how you can rekindle that spark, and sometimes this means starting over, or as I like to call it “back to the basics” This class will discuss using ritual, protocols, boundaries, education and self-knowledge to aid your ability to continue to serve at a level of excellence.

We will discuss service as a subset of self, being self-motivating setting goals within your service and maintaining your space emotionally and physically.

How to do things that your Dominant requires and wants, remember that if it is something the Dominant does not want, you are not providing a service to them.

Building a Household with Structure

Class Time: 90 minutes -120 minutes

This class will explore hierarchical structures both in a household with multiple Dom/Subs as well as a schedule for the house to follow in order to attempt to keep the peace and harmony of any house as well with possible stations for a service structure.
We will discuss the following:

* The style of your household and how to theme it properly.

* Particular and specific responsibilities,

* How to tailor each individual stations,

* The history of the historical structures.

* Titles, and the responsibilities of that title.

* How to earn your title level; keeping that title with in the home/house

Come explore the components of successful dominant/submissive service oriented relationships, the pitfalls to avoid and how to structure relationships between more than two people that work for everyone.
This class addresses how to handle polyamory through providing specific and particular Stations for each participating member. (Lecture, handouts, discussion)

Journey through time -Submissive’s path

Class time: 60 minutes – 90 Minutes

Ever wonder how sometimes you are not sure if you are in the right place in the BDSM lifestyle? Neither did A_Midnight_Angel, come and hear her journey from her days as a successful professional Domme took a step backwards and became a submissive, and how it has helped her grow to become a switch, and some of the troubles that she still faces today! This class is open to all walk’s and paths.

Domestic Servitude vs Sexual slavery

Class Time: 60 minutes -90 minutes

Have you ever wanted a relationship with someone that you may not want to be sexually active with them, but want the domestic side, come and learn how this may work for you, but also to remember that the individual needs a form of reward, and how this can work for you.

Now that you have grown in this dynamic and nothing sexually has happened between the both of you, but yet feelings have EVOLVED and now you want to add the sexual part to the relationship, how can you add this, and not break what you have is so good with the domestic side of things, come and learn how to balance the both.

Coming out party -The problem with coming out being Kinky

Class time: 60 minutes – 90 minutes

Do you have to be incognito, because you work in a very professional job in your day to day life? Do you have a bible hugging, honk if you love Jesus family members? Are you afraid that your co-workers will not understand you? Last but not least do you feel like you are leading a double life?

You are not alone in this, many people find it hard to come out or even attend a local community event/munch because they are afraid of how others will act or behave or what happens if a “vanilla” person walks in they know, how do they respond or act, or have to deal with the repercussions of someone else’s behavior?

This will be a class lead-discussion (audience participation requested) that will look at the most frequent issues surrounding coming out, including risks and how to if you wish to come out. If you are dealing with the same issue then come and see how we may be able to help. Most of all if this is something you really want to change in your life.

The Three P’s – Punishment, Pleasure & Pain

Class Time: 60 mins -90 minutes

Ever wonder how to develop unique punishments that can be effective and is pleasurable for those Dom/mes that are a bit sadistic and twisted, and painful for those who are on the receiving the punishment. This will also help you learn when you have pushed too far, and when to stop and when to know if the punishment has been effective or not.

Contracts? WTF would I want one

Discussion Class Time: 60 Minutes -90 minutes

So you are confused why some Dom’s/Domme’s offer their submissive/slave a contract, first you feel as it seems a bit childish, however come and learn the importance of having a contract, and why this is not just for a sub/slave but how it is also for the Dom/Domme as well.

In this discussion you will learn:

Is a contract for you?
Is this a benefit or disadvantage?
What is in the contract?
How long is the contract for?
Does this trap me in the relationship?

Most of all – Learn how to write a contract that is suited for your dynamic!

Time Management For the busy Lifestyler 

Class Time: 60 mins – 90 minutes

Taught by: Midnight Angel

Come and join A Midnight Angel and see how she manages a busy schedule between, working, school, presenting at events, and having time to serve 3 Doms, and have time to give back to her community. This is to help those who have a hectic schedule learn how to manage and have time for the “normal” family.

How to Market yourself as a Presenter

Class Time: 60 mins – 90 minutes

Taught by: Midnight Angel

So you want to be a presenter, as a chosen career to pay your bills, well don’t hold your breath darlings, because

So you want to be a presenter, as a chosen career to pay your bills, well don’t hold your breath darlings, because its a long way, however, if you are not sure of how to market yourself as a presenter, then this is the class for you to come and sit and learn, and discuss with a Marketing & Social Media specialist and how you can begin to build your resume and climb that career path.

Save the drama for your Mama 

Class Time: 60 mins – 90 minutes

Taught by: Midnight Angel

Taking the high road and avoiding the drama on social media – We all know this too well, but how do you avoid the drama, without sounding like a total douche? This is a discussion panel on how this can help you learn to avoid those “drama queens” & “attention whores”

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