Intermediate Classes (MHirokata)

I Like it Rough

Class Time: 60 minutes -90 minutes

No, this is not a Lady Gaga party, but we are going to get a bit rough here and it will hurt, but ah, fuck it!

What do you do when your submissive needs things a little rougher, and you are afraid of your own strength, and are not sure how to do this safely? Come and learn the basics, and how to build this into your dynamic. This class will not be for the faint at heart, it will involve slapping, kicking, and light humiliation play.

Submissive’s/bottoms – You like the fluffy bunny stuff, but you are craving something harder and rougher, how do you express this to your Dom/Top come and learn how A_Midnight_Angel actually approached her Master to add this type of play and how it has helped their dynamic grow from this.

This class is on rough body play: punching, smacking, kicking, body-on-body.

This discussion will last about 45 minutes long, because we will discuss in length and be very thoroughly about safety.

You will learn :
-where you can hit
-where you should stay away from
-basics on techniques.
-What to do if things go bad

Designing with needles -201 Needle-play class 

Class Time: 90 minutes-120 minutes

Now that you have the introduction, and the safety behind us from the 101 now we are going to show you how to do more complex designs, as well as how you can be more of a sadist to your masochist and both be able to enjoy building an endorphin rush with needles, and patterns. This one will also e a very compelling and electrifying class.


Extreme Needle play -301 Needle play class

Class Time 60 minutes -90 minutes

This one is guaranteed to be a hot-time, we are going to incorporate a bit of heat into this class, nudity and exposure to nether regions will be happening in this class. In this class we will show you hot to create heat, and yet how to silence your bottom with needles and put her between a rock and a hard place – so needle play with putting them in a position that either choice will not be pleasant one!


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