Basic Classes (MHirokata)

Fun with Needles A basic 101 to Needle play!

Master Hirokata has been doing needle play with his submissive of 13 years, not only will you learn to have fun, but he will be showing you what Needle play consist of. So everything from safety to how to sadistically put needles in your bottom, as well how to make your bottom fly, and see all kinds of nice art work you can do with your needles! This class you will have the option to also receive the class notes and patterns via E-Mail what you will learn in this class is the following:

• Safety First
• Equipment you will need to engage in your play piercing,
• Basic insertion techniques
• Colors! What do the hub colors mean?
• Permanent piercings vs Play Piercing?
• Where to place and not to place the needles
• Stimulation of play piercings
• Incorporating Accessories into Needle Play
• Removing play piercing needles safely?
So come and learn how to have fun with needles. This can be fun and sweet and sadistic with your bottom!

Saline Infusion & Bageling

Disclaimer – Where as I hold a medical license I am not medically equipped to dispense advice of a medical nature. By sitting through this class you agree to not construe this class as medical advice and agree to hold me harmless should you come to harm in the pursuit of your brand of kink.
That being said – let’s get started!

What is it?

Bageling or Bagel head as it is sometimes known as is a type of temporary body modification via saline infusion where a swelling distortion is caused to the forehead of the recipient. Common as a central or symmetrical configuration. The procedure was pioneered in Canada by Jerome Abramovitch and brought to Japan where it has enjoyed a main stay of its popularity by Keroppy Maeda in 2007.

Its sensation has been televised on National Geographic’s Taboo series as well as La Carmina and the Pirates. It has also been covered and / or written about in by international media outlets, including Huffington Post, CNN, Mashable, the Sun, and Daily Mail

Why is it?

Why is it? Well in a world which contains a great many fetishists, social deviants, and others looking for something new, unusual, or just plain different why not? Speaking personally I tend to go two ways with being confronted by an individual with this kind of body modification: Either it is “whoa check you out” or I tend to find them more attractive – much like facial jewelry or a good tattoo. I suppose it would be like being with a Twi’lek of Star Wars – you are into the brand of exoticism or you are not.

How is it done?

First of all I will say that, yes, there is some risk to having this done. But it is my opinion that this is no more risky than doing saline infusion into the breast tissue or into the scrotal sac. To aid in your understanding of the under lying structures of the face I have included the following. Image for mapping the structures of the face…

There are two ways to go about doing this: A slow and friendly method which involved a “butterfly IV” and giving about 2 hours. Or the fast and hard method which involves a syringe and muscling saline into the area – which is also sadist friendly as well as being physically exhausting ( to force into the subject ). I will tell you now that going the sadistic method is going to be very difficult and will likely tire you out. For me it just isn’t worth it.

My advice is do it right, take your time, and enjoy the fruits of being patient. Just like when doing breast tissue infusion your bag should be adjusted to allow gravity to assist you – do all the things you would expect to have to do for safety and functionality. If doing a centrally located “bagel” your stick will need to be between the supratrochlear arteries. These arteries run along the sides of the nose and locating their position can be identified by applying pressure in this location.

For a symmetrical placed “bagel” your stick will need to be lateral to the Supratrochlear and medial to the supraorbital arteries. Position of the supraorbital may be manipulated at the orbital notch superior of the eye. The slow method takes upward of 2 hours to complete and a typical recipient should take between 250 – 400 cc of medical grade saline and the effects should take between half a day to 2 days to disappear depending on the health and renal capacity of the recipient.

 “Fire, Fire, Fire” Fire-Play 101

Class Time: 60 minutes – 90 minutes

No, no, and NO, Beavis and Butthead are not running this class. However it will be a class dealing with how to do fire-play and how to do it safely without burning your vict..bottom! You will learn what to do and what NOT to do during fire-play. After learning the basics, and the safety of fire-play there will be a small demo, and then if you wish to see how it feels like then you can get a feel of what it maybe like and get a demo on yourself.

If you are a bottom, it will be assumed if you are wanting this demonstrated on yourself, that you have acquired the proper permission from your Top/Master/Mistress/Owner before hand.


Fun With Candle-Wax” Basic Introduction to Candle wax 101

Prep Time before class: 60 minutes-90 minutes
Class Time: 60 minutes – 90 minutes

Do you like the feel of wax on your finger when you dip it into a regular burning candle? Now you crave more, all over your body? Come on down and take a tour down the road of learning how you can partake in this fun game with wax. In this class you will learn:

-What is Wax Play?

– Wax Safety including what kind of wax types to use, and what not to use, temperature to burn the candles, and what they should be before using them on your bottom.

-Q & A of your bottom, the health check, and what is and is not acceptable play and what is off limits.

– Shaving vs body hair and wax play

-Preparing before the scene, and during the scene and after the scene

-Technique – lets face it, pouring would just suck, so lets make this enjoyable for both you and your bottom. Technique is everything

-Clean up and aftercare for both the top and bottom

Introduction to Cupping

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