Lady Aalyanna’s Classes

Anticipatory Service

Class time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Ever wonder how to see through walls? Ever want to learn how to serve through them? What about learning the fine arts of what your Master/Mistress/Daddy/Mommy wants without having to ask you, but just by learning a few tricks of Anticipatory Service?

Come and find out how a Slave was able to achieve this with her Master, and now has earned her wings as a Lady who enjoys teaching this to others!

Lady Aalyanna will be leading this class discussion on Anticipatory Service! Don’t miss out on this class! All walks are welcome to attend this class.


Basic Violet Wand

Class time: 1 hour – 90 minutes

Are you afraid of electricity? Does the thought of a little jolt or a lot thrill you and make your toes want to curl? Or maybe just curious what this whole electricity thing is all about?

Come join me in a basic journey about the violet wand and solid state wand. We will touch on safety, basic and versatile ways in which it can be used. This instrument can be used sensually and sadistically. I’ve been lucky enough to give many people their first experiences with the wand and turned them into lovers themselves.

Be ready to have fun, and experience this for yourself.


Intermediate/Advanced Violet Wand

Class time: 1 hour – 90 minutes

So now that you know the basics. Now it’s time to really have fun. In this class, I’ll be teaching more advanced techniques. Suddenly the simplest metal objects now become delightful instruments of pleasure or torture. We will even explore the advanced technique combining electrical and fire play together.  Or perhaps a game of human operation. No blood in this class I promise. Want to know how then come and join me.

*This can be taught with Basic class making it an intensive Class*


Conflict Resolution

Class Time: 60 minutes to 90 minutes

Relationships have their troubles and bumps, but how we deal with them makes all the difference.  In this class, you will learn about the different ways people deal with conflict as well ways to combat the unhealthy ways sometimes used.  Also when the line has been crossed from a non-violent relationship, to when the hands have been placed on an individual and that is NOT okay.


Audience participation is helpful.

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