Poly Classes

Poly 101

Class time: 1 hour – 1 hour and 45 minutes

Come and join House of Sinergy, a D/s Poly Power Exchange Dynamic of 14 years. They will discuss how they came to love each other, the difficulties of communication and how they have had to continue to evolve as individuals and as a household.

Come and learn how poly is a lifestyle choice that is gaining increasing support and acceptance as a positive alternative to traditional relationships. In this discussion lead workshop we will discuss the evolving dynamics of Poly, dispel misconceptions, and explore the benefits and challenges to this lifestyle choice and see if it Poly can be for you!


Poly 201 “Living the Reality”

Class time 1 hour -2 hours

You’ve been through the basics of misconceptions and have heard the benefits and challenges, now come and hear how living poly 24/7 is not easy.

Now come join House of Sinergy (Master Hirokata, Lady Aalyanna and their girl A_Midnight_Angel) as they talk about and discuss how they have made their poly House successful for 13years, all three living together for that long too. You’ve heard the basics, but how does it all work.

Balancing work schedules, school schedules, bills, illnesses and all that life brings and dumps on a family. They will get down to the nitty-gritty, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Please bring your questions, suggestions and comments.

Poly 301 – “Shit happens/ The downfalls and conflict of rules of a D/s poly relationship.”

Class time: 60 minutes – 90 minutes

In this 301 class come and learn how COMMUNICATION is the key to making it all work, in this class we will go more in depth of conflict of interests, to serving two Master’s/Mistress’es, and conflicting rules, even down to basic conflicts with other household members. This class discussion will have a 2 group activities (if time allows for both) Please bring your questions, suggestions, and if you are poly and have a dilemma, bring it to a house that has lived as a D/s Poly for 13 years, and allow us to help you resolve some of your conflicts. Judgement will not be passed on anyone, and respect will always be held for everyone.

Introducing a Little into a Poly-house

Time for discussion: 60 minutes- 90 minutes

So you have a Poly household, but now you have met another individual who has a separate dynamic, how do you introduce them to poly, or bringing them into a house full of big’s, and how do you incorporate this into a functioning house, and make everyone feel comfortable all together? Come and learn how you may do this gently and keeping everyone involved happy & and accepting of each-other! Feel free to bring your little’s with you we will have coloring books and puzzles as we hold this as a discussion with feedback!


Introducing a new potential submissive to a Poly Dynamic

Class Time : 60 minutes – 90 minutes

When starting a 1 on 1 relationship it is already difficult, and now you are wanting to add to your relationship. Now you and your established partner/(s) wish to become or are already poly and now you wish to add another individual to make a triad or a quad or just add to your harem of “S” types. Before you do so come and see how you can introduce safely, and yet establish guidelines before things spin out of control. This class will touch on the basics of how to avoid jealousy, and to watch for those “S” types who try to replace an establish “s” type. When know when to cut ties with the one’s who bring drama to your established dynamic. Also learn how to handle and establish hierarchy.

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