Beginner Classes

Establishing Limits

This class discussion is how to establish limits with you current relationship, perhaps you have just found a potential play partner or discovered a new power exchange relationship, this class we will teach you how to find what you need, and how to establish limits within your comfort zone, and how to step out and broaden your horizons.

Time for Discussion: 60 mins-90 mins

Things that you may learn from this class:

• How to determine your role in the relationship?
• Is it okay to switch in my dynamic?
• How to evolve safely out of your dynamic?
• Adding or taking away from your dynamic?
• How do you learn your limits of what you’re willing to give/receive in a scene?
• How to push boundaries without breaking them?
• What do you get out of the BDSM Lifestyle?
• What do you get out of a BDSM relationship?
• What do you get out of a BDSM scene?

BDSM 24/7

So you are interested in the BDSM Lifestyle! Great!! But I want to live it 24/7 is it possible? In this class we will discuss on how to balance your relationship, as well as multiple relationships. We will also go over some basic protocols to help keep the balance between the vanilla world and the kink world.

Time for Discussion: 90 mins-120 mins

Things that you may learn from this class:

• Basic protocols in the vanilla world in a D/s lifestyle (e.g. Business dinner, dinner with in-law’s or parents, or even children around on the weekend’s how about simple basics to “Yes Sir”, from “Yes Master”, this will show children respect for other’s)
• Balancing multiple D/s relationships, including Polyamory, and Open relationships within your dynamic.
• How differences in heterosexual vs homosexual d/s relationships and play.
• Discussion of techniques for using various implements by people that have experience with them.
• Eye, hand gesture commands without speaking to your submissive or dominate.
• Finally Euphoria, sub drop and top drop and how to deal with them after.

What kind of Dynamic am I or are we?

So now you have a good idea of what you are, but what kind of box do I fit in? Well first off remember do not place a label on yourself, you can be many labels in a dynamic, so in this discussion we will show you how to think both inside and outside the box, and how labels are a thing of the past.

Time for Discussion: 60 mins-90 mins

Things that you may learn from this class:

• Master/sub
• Master/Slave
• Gorean
• Maid
• Sissy/CD/FtM/MtF
• Daddy/Mommy
• Little girl/baby girl & Infantilism
• Top/bottom
• 1950’s household
• Power Exchange
• 24/7
• Live in sub/slaves and live out subs/slaves
• How to grow from your dynamic

How to train your submissive

So you’re a new Top/Dom to the lifestyle, but have no idea how to train your submissive? Come and sit in this interactive class where you will have the pleasure of meeting a Poly-Triad with 1 male Dom who has been the Master of his house for 15 years, and his Wife who started out as his submissive, then slave then to slave wife, after 13 years of service he elevated her to his equal and made her Lady of the house, where they both have had their submissive of 13 years who is a switch, so come and have some fun with us as to see how we have trained her, and how the submissive of 13 years has trained her previous submissive vs as how he has trained her and his previous submissives.

Time for Discussion: 60 mins-120 mins

Things that you may learn from this class:
• Establishing guidelines
• Rules & Protocol
• Defining clear roles
• What expectations are between the individual’s relationships?
• Safety/Health
• Safe words
• Fetish Party protocol vs home private protocols
• Formal protocol vs no protocols
• Assignments for submissives
• Assignments for Dom/mes
• Playtime
• Punishment vs discipline

Safety & Personal Accountability

This discussion is all about Safety and personal accountability. 60% of submissive’s blame the Top/Dom/me for the majority of accidents that happen during play. As we all know that none of us are mind readers. Come and learn all about how to take responsibility for yourself as a submissive, and how to communicate your needs to your Dom/me. As for the Dom/me’s come and hear how to make sure your submissive or play partner should be communicating better. Remember both safety and personal accountability is the responsibility of BOTH the top and bottom in this lifestyle.

Time for Discussion: 45 mins-90 mins

Things that you may learn from this class:
• What should my Dom/me know?
• What should my bottom/sub/slave know?
• Health conditions
• Safe word
• Safe calls
• Past, present, future
• Mental illness
• Serving/Topping with disabilities.


Caring is Golden (Before & Aftercare)

Let’s play!! Great yes, however before stepping into your “scene” there are a few things you may want to consider such as:
• Mindset of both parties
• What do you expect to get out of the scene?
• What does the bottom expect to get out of the scene?
• Checking to see if Marks, bruises are acceptable, to some it may not be
appropriate due to other work, family or Dr. appointment’s, they may not want the unwanted/uncomfortable feelings or need to explain these “visible marks” to other’s respect that!
• Rituals
• Inspecting the body
• Hygiene
Now that you have played, comes the “After Care” as if the scene wasn’t enough, and the set-up it is very important to care for each other after the scene to avoid any sub/top drop. Dealing with a drop can be hard to come out of, sense of loss and emotional as well as mental hang ups such as:
• Feeling alone/abandoned
• Hurting
• Injuries that may have occurred (visible/non visible)
• Rituals
• Sub-space
• Drop (both top and bottom)
• After-care basket for the sub
• After-care needs for the Dom

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